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Posted by vblogger on August 7, 2011

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How To Improve Eyesight? A Genuine Vision Without Glasses Review

In this Vision Without Glasses Review, I would like to introduce you to a world of clarity unaided by the crutches of eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Why am I writing this article about Vision Without Glasses? Let me say from the start that  I already have derived the most benefit that I can from learning about this extraordinary discovery. The Vision Without Glasses Program has helped thousands of people, and I only want to spread the word regarding Vision Without Glasses and make people aware of this exciting possibility, like I have. I want to share its benefits so that more and more people can lead happier, healthier lives.

The History Behind the Vision Without Glasses Program

The Vision Without Glasses Program is based on the findings of Dr. William Horatio Bates, who lived in the mid-19th century up to 1931. He was an ophthalmologist who researched on eye conditions such as astigmatism, far sightedness, near sightedness, and vision of aging people. The latter three are called, respectively, hyperopia, myopia and presbyopia.

The core teaching promoted by the results of Dr. Bates’ eye research is distilled into the vision without glasses Program. It teaches that the current medical treatments recommended for treating these diseases are not only inadequate, but they actually induce further damage to eyesight in the long run. This view by Dr. Bates arose from the fact of his observation that the eyesight of his patients actually declined with the use of eyeglasses.

He postulated that wearing eyeglasses in fact made the eyes dependent on them. In the long run, eyeglasses are crutches to the eyes, since the continued use of eyeglasses weaken them.

Dr. Bates published many of his findings into several works, including his 1920 seminal book entitled The Cure of  Imperfect Sight by Treatment Without Glasses, which is also known as Perfect Sight Without Glasses. An abridged version of this book is still in publication, known as Better Eyesight Without Glasses.

The Principles Behind Vision Without Glasses

In the book, Dr. Bates shared his discoveries with the world. He found out that eyesight improves or declines dramatically according to the intensity of strain that is put upon it. Eyesight was a dynamic condition, and thus even severe conditions affecting it can be reversed if only the principles involved are understood and proper measures are taken to reverse the effects of the strain.

In other words, one’s eyesight can improve with relaxation, or decline with tension. Tension encompasses both physical and mental strain, and this strain, when formed into a habit, is the cause of many eye problems. Further, wearing eyeglasses or contact lens can further exacerbate it, because they introduce more strain to the eyes, as well as condition the eyes to adjust to the impositions made by the eyeglasses or contact lens.

Dr. Bates proved that by simply changing our habits regarding how we use our eyes, sight can be significantly improved.

Dr. Bates has proven that eyeglasses increase the near-point stress to the eyes, worsening eyesight and exacerbating its condition. Recent scientific studies provided confirmation of his initial results. His theories have gained more acceptance in recent years, and several institutions and doctors in the medical and scientific community now concur with his findings.

Long-term use of eyeglasses and contact lenses induce even more myopia and hyperopia. The longer they are used, the more the eyes get worse, like a continuous feedback mechanism. It is now recognized that eyeglasses and contact lenses are good only for alleviating the symptoms of myopia or hyperopia, but in the long run, they intensify the root cause of the condition. This is Vision Without Glasses comes in.

Vision Without Glasses – An Alternative Treatment

The Vision Without Glasses Program shows a way wherein you need not worry about worsening your eyesight with the continuous use of eyeglasses or contact lenses. Many people I have talked with have expressed apprehension that there is no other treatment available except those prescribed by their ophthalmologists.

However, in the Vision Without Glasses Program, an alternative and affordable treatment is possible. The Vision Without Glasses Program consists of exercises to be done daily for no more than 15 to 25 minutes, with results within one to three months. The Vision Without Glasses Program utilizes natural means. In addition, it saves you thousands of dollars because you would not need to pay for expensive eyeglasses or contact lenses again, or take several trips to the eye doctor throughout the year. The Vision Without Glasses Program gives hope that your eye conditions, whatever they may be, can be cured. If you have been wearing contact lenses or eyeglasses for a long time, this program also gives promising results that the damage done by these devices is still reversible.

I am writing this Vision Without Glasses Review because I understand that thousands of people have already benefited from it and they also experience that it really works. And its results are backed up by extensive scientific research, not purely mumbo-jumbo. In the field of eye research and ophthalmology, the Vision Without Glasses Program is simply the most incredible breakthrough within the last century. And the hope that it gives to people with impairment in eyesight, whether mild or advanced, is priceless.

You can reclaim your eyesight without the use of eyeglasses or contact lenses through Vision Without Glasses. In my future posts, I will show you why even laser eye treatment does not give promising results. At best, it is temporary. At worst, it can have damaging side effects.

With the simple eye exercises given in the program, assisted by diet and regular body exercise, you can be on your way to a clear and sharp vision of the bright future that lies ahead of you. Consider this Vision Without Glasses Review as my gift to you, and give yourself a gift too, by starting with the Vision Without Glasses Program right away.

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